Selected Publications


Twenty-First Century Children’s Gothic Fiction: From Wanderer to Nomadic Subject (Edinburgh University Press, 2017)

Telling it Slant: Critical Approaches to Helen Oyeyemi, eds. Chloe Germaine Buckley and Sarah Ilott (Sussex Academic Press, 2017)


Book Chapters

‘Weird History/Weird Knowledge: H.P. Lovecraft versus Sherlock Holmes’ in Sideways in Time: Alternative History and Counterfactual Narratives eds. Chuckie Patel and Glyn Morgan (Liverpool University Press, 2019)

‘“You don’t think I’m like any other boy. That’s why you’re afraid”: Haunted / Haunting Children from Henry James to Chris Priestley’ in The Palgrave Handbook to Horror Literature, eds. Laura Kremmel and Kevin Costorphine (Palgrave Macmillan, 2018)

The Haunted Book, the Gothic child and the West Yorkshire Moors’ in Gothic Britain, eds. Ruth Heholt and William Hughes (University of Wales Press, 2018)

‘Metamorphosis of the Blood: Vampiric Femininity in Contemporary Children’s Fiction’ in Growing up with Vampires: Essays on the Undead in Children’s Media, eds. Simon Bacon and Katarzyna Bronk (McFarland, 2018)

‘“Do Panic. They’re Coming:” Remaking the Weird in contemporary Children’s Fiction’ in New Directions: Gothic Children’s Fiction, ed. Anna Jackson (Routledge, 2017)

‘Introduction’ in Telling it Slant: Critical Approaches to Helen Oyeyemi, eds. Chloé Buckley and Sarah Ilott (Sussex Academic Press, 2017)

‘Gothic Children in Boy, Snow Bird, The Opposite House and The Icarus Girl’ in Telling it Slant: Critical Approaches to Helen Oyeyemi.

‘Conclusions’ in Telling it Slant: Critical Approaches to Helen Oyeyemi.

‘Gothic and the Child Reader, 1850 – Present Day’ in The Gothic World, eds. Dale Townshend and Glennis Byron (Routledge, 2014)


‘Unhuman Entanglement: Onto-Ethics and Frances Hardinge’s Gothic Fictions’ for a collection on Young Adult Gothic Fiction, edited by Kristine Moruzi and Michelle Smith (University of Wales Press)

‘Encountering Weird Objects: Lovecraft, LARP and Speculative Philosophy ‘ for a collection on the intersection of Horror and Speculative Philosophy, titled Diseases of the Head (ed. Matt Rosen for Punctum Books).

‘Encounters with the “hidden” world: Speculative Philosophy in Modern Children’s Gothic’ for the forthcoming Palgrave Handbook of the Gothic, edited by Clive Bloom.


Journal Articles

Häxan: ‘Let her suffering begin!’ for The Criterion Collection (2019)

A tale of two women: the female grotesque in Showtime’s Penny Dreadful, Feminist Media Studies (2019)

Witches, ‘bitches’ or feminist trailblazers? The Witch in Folk Horror Cinema, Revenant Issue 4 (2019).

Reading ‘Fundamental British Values’ Through Children’s Gothic: Imperialism, History, Pedagogy, Children's Literature in Education (2018)

How monsters are made: “No remorse, no pity” in Shelley, Dickens and Priestley’s Mister Creecher, Horror Studies, Vol 7: Issue 1 (2016)

“Fragmenting and becoming double”: Supplementary twins and abject bodies in Helen Oyeyemi’s The Icarus Girl, The Journal of Commonwealth Literature, Vol 51: Issue 3 (2016), co-authored with Sarah Ilott

Psychoanalysis, “Gothic” Children’s Literature and the canonization of Coraline, Children’s Literature Association Quarterly, Vol 40: Issue 1 (2015)

“hatcht up in villainie and witchcraft”: fictional and historical recuperations of the witch child, in Preternature, Issue 3, No. 1. (2014)


Introduction: Adapting Lovecraft in Weird Times, Studies in Gothic Fiction (with Kerry Dodd)

Weird Experience: Transformations of Space/Place in Lovecraftian LARP, Studies in Gothic Fiction (with Laura Mitchell)


Blogs and online media


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